I've photographed farmers on coffee cooperatives in Brazil, cliff dwellers in northwest Africa, researchers in high-tech clean labs at MIT, and traders on the floor of the stock exchange.  I've shot in corporate boardrooms, college classrooms, and operating rooms.  While more and more photographers are choosing to specialize, I find myself reveling in variety.

The dramatically shifting landscapes of my photo shoots are not just invigorating, they're instructive. I learn a little something on every shoot and bring something extra to the next shoot as a result. The dynamic amalgam of all of my experiences has shaped who I am as a photographer and has helped me evolve, not only as an artist and a technician, but as a team player and creative collaborator.

Having spent nearly 20 years as a graphic designer and art director, I explore all the ramifications of content and context when I approach an assignment.  My goal is to craft images that illustrate conceptual imagery in the studio or capturing people, products, or environments on location, I work to make intangible concepts tangible through the two-dimensional metaphor of the photograph.

The process of creating an image begins well before I reach for the camera.  It starts when I sit down with you to determine the role of the photographs I am about to take.  What work do you need these images to do?  In which medium or media will they be published?  How do you want people to feel when they look at them?

Since my earliest days as a photographer, the collaborative process of making photographs has motivated me to do my research, devise a strategy, and get the context just right.  Many years and thousands of photographs later, creative collaboration is what keeps me coming back to the studio every morning eager to design eloquent and powerful images that inspire action and introspection.

Here are a few of the people and organizations I've worked with over the years.  Together we've captured some remarkable people, places, and things.

- Stuart Darsch